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"This Customer Success approach has been exactly what we needed; perfect timing, relevant content, thought provoking and game changing. LandNExpand's unique customer lifecycle – from landing customers, implementing them with a proven methodology, to helping them achieve high value transformative outcomes and success in their programs and organizations is what created our unique Blueprint."

                                                                                                                                                                               Kevin Merritt, CEO, Socrata

Customer Roadmaps

Establishing a best practice Customer Roadmap for each target market is the secret to repeatable Customer Success.


Customer Lifecycle

Every Customer Experience model starts with building a customize Customer Lifecycle model that works best for your company based on the products and services and markets you serve.



Customer Journey Maps

Customer Journey maps are designed and developed for each stage of the Customer LIfecycle.  They define the methodology, processes, people, accountability, goals and metrics for each stage to operationalize the customer experience model.

Customer Success Certification

Customized Customer Success Certification programs designed to train all CSMs and Service team members on your customer roadmap and best practice methodologies for delivering  a repeatable high quality experience.




Establishing Customer analytics and converting to actionable plans for continuous evolution and innovation ensures repeatable quality and excellence in customer experience.


Voice of



The voice of the customer holds the key to innovating your Customer Lifecycle.  We provide a best practice for monitoring the customer's perceptions, engagement, entrenchment and high value outcomes to enable your company to drive results more predictably.