We have been programmed to service our customers with the mentality of "The Customer is Always Right." But are they always right? What I have found in working with customers is that they focus on lower value tactical problems and don't always recognize what the higher value problems are that could revolutionize the way they operate. One way to help a customer come around to a new way of thinking is to ask enough questions to understand how they operate today and where are the bigger challenges to help them find what they are really trying to solve. Where are the higher value problems? Instead of telling you what they need you to do, ask them questions about the challenges they are facing to help them diagnose the real causes of these tactical problems. This leads to an open door in which you can present options for them to not only resolve the current lower value tactical issues, but perhaps educate them on other areas they can improve and innovate that begins to solve the higher value problems. Now they feel more than just serviced, they feel like you really cared about improving their ability to optimize their operations or enable new revenue streams. You've provide a much higher value experience with using your products or services. CSMs and Services team members could approach customers with the understanding that the customer has some valid concerns and challenges but they can professionally ask more questions to define the higher value problems to attach to in order to ensure they realize real values and ROIs.

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Jackie A. Golden


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