Go to Market Strategy for Customer Success

Go to Market Strategy for Customer Success by Target Market

Setting Your Customer Success Vision – Part 2 of Three Part Series

There are three elements that should be defined as part of your strategic vision for your Customer Success model:

  1. Customer Success Corporate Climate Shift

  2. Go To Market Strategy by Target Market

  3. Customer Life Cycle Model

The second element is the Go to Market Strategy by Target Market which helps your company focus on a specific plan for landing new customers and expanding all customers.

There are two sections to your Go To Market Strategy;

  1. Acquiring New Customers

  2. Expanding Existing Customers

Once you have defined your market segments and the strategic plan for each market segment, I recommend conducting a brainstorming session with your customer success team including the consulting team or experts on customer implementations and the common problems customers face as well as obstacles or challenges in guiding customers to success.

Armed with the understanding of what it takes to make a customer successful with your solution, the Customer Success team would develop programs focused on each of the market segments and specific solutions to these common problems. This will align with the Sales and Marketing plans for how they present your solution on how to solve these problems and provides value specifically to these markets.

In your brainstorming session, the team may come up with several solutions and identify many other create approaches to creating value. The key is to identify the top three that also have a high potential for generating soft and hard ROIs for the customer. The team can create compelling customer success stories and define the appropriate license and services packaged programs to make It easier for sales to present your differentiation and unique approach.

The team can determine different approaches and solutions for new customers versus existing customers. Many companies will bundle up programs that provide solutions to various specific problems for each of the market segments for new customers that are focused on a solid land strategy. Then create follow on programs that fit nicely into a next phase and/or follow on programs for existing customers to continue expanding the use of your solution.

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