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I believe most of us have worked with customers who were sold on the vision of how our products and services will revolutionize their business only for the customer to realize that they have no idea how to get from where they are today to the vision. Most customers are unaware of their maturity level to innovate their business operations or adopt new technologies that they know will revolutionize their business and delivery capabilities. That is why using maturity models to discuss this topic with customers can be very helpful in developing the right roadmap for them. Maturity models can help them to understand where they are at today and where they want to be and in what kind of time frame.

This is just as true for any company wanting to adopt a Customer Centric or Customer First approach to their company strategy. If your company wants to develop a working Customer Experience (CX) model, then the first step is to assess what level of maturity your company is at today and what level do you want to be at in a year from now. See the maturity model below:

This is an example of a maturity model for developing an end to end customer experience model.

In order to develop a roadmap for the right customer experience model, you must first understand the level of maturity you are starting from. You can then build a staged or phased approach for reaching the highest level of customer experience delivery capabilities. In developing a phased approach, you can build 30/60/90 day delivery plans where you deliver value to the business in each of these time increments or you develop a quarterly plan that aligns to your annual strategic plan. In following a methodology in an iterative cycle, you can create an organization that continuously evolves and takes advantage of new capabilities over time. By delivering an operational plan which maps the steps for getting from a Maturity Level 1 to a Maturity Level 4, your company will gain confidence and evangelize the value to all organizations to build excitement around the changes that are evolving over time. The results will show in your customer's engagements and abilities to consistently realize high value outcomes and ROIs over time. Your customer base will also grow healthy and profitably.

As usual, I welcome your feedback and comments.

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Jackie A. Golden

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