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A Customer Centric Approach

What does it really mean to put customers at the center of your corporate strategy?

It would mean driving your company strategy and tactics with your customized Customer Lifecycle model at the center of your strategy. Every organization has a significant contribution to defining and designing your Customer Experience for each market. When you build a customized Customer Lifecycle model and share it with all employees in the company, they are more bought into the strategy. When you share your operationalized plan that aligns all your departments around your best in breed CX approach to each market, your teams begin to understand how they contribute to the success of your customers. Your Customer Lifecycle model helps all the teams to understand the standards, the processes and accountability required in delivering the ultimate customer success for each market in a repeatable manner.

The Customer Lifecycle model would help your company focus on the following:

  • Putting Customer Success at the center of your operational plan.

  • Ownership of all touch points a customer engages with your company from inception to the ongoing long term relationship.

  • Create a companywide commitment to excellence in customer experience and success.

  • Makes it easy to do business with your company.

  • Focus on improving customer perception of your company and products compared to the competition.

  • Developing a thought leadership perspective to differentiate you from your competitors in the market.

I recommend you create an internal marketing campaign to evangelize the new company strategy and focus. These types of campaigns can drive each organization to become more passionate about their contribution to the company's mission. They become activates for finding better ways to optimize operational effectiveness and improvements in customer experiences as well as finding new programs to improve customer outcomes and value.

Each target market requires its own Customer Life Cycle.This helps your company to really research, track and evolve the right customer roadmap for your solution for that specific target market.The teams then have a specific set of programs, processes and methodologies they follow that ensure the outcomes create quality and repeatable success for each customer and drive expansion and entrenchment.

As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome. If you would like help in creating a Customer Lifecycle framework, contact LandNExpand at

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